RG01B – Integrating InstallFree and Workspace Manager

By Max Ranzau


This article is a no-frills howto on getting Workspace Manager and Installfree to work together.  This article might get revamped a bit later on with some screenshots. Comment if you want it and we’ll se what we can do.

Step 1: Allow RES Workspace Manager to access V:
Installfree creates a V: drive per default. To you SoftGrid old-timers out there, this is comparable to the Q: drive of the SoftGrid client, except the contens is actually visible.
The first step is to edit the ifbhook.cfg located either on shareinstallfreeusersbridges{guid}IFBridge OR in %appdata%IFBridge. You need to add the following lines to the [include] section of the config file.
explore.exe=0 (This part is important for security)
Step 2: Block InstallFree from populating the Start Menu
As default, InstallFree Full Bridge thinks it should always be allowed to tinker with the start menu. That’s all well and nice if you don’t have anything else to manage with, but in this scenario we want Workspace Manager to handle the start menu and Installfree to deliver the apps and nothing else. Currently (as of March 24th, there is no way of switching this behavior off, so we have to take the gloves off to solve this problem.
The only way around this, is to use the File and Folder Security in Workspace Manager to shut it up.
Set File and Folder Security to blocking mode
Add File and Folder blocking rule for *.lnk
???? Note: authorize desktop?????
Step 3: Allow InstallFree to launch virtualized applications
Assuming you want to have Workspace Manager Application Security running in blocking mode, you will need to authorize the following files:
Allow vfbridge.exe to execute %appdata%ifbridgeenginevfile_55.exe
Allow vfile_55.exe to execute %appdata%ifbridgeenginevfile_55.exe
Step 4: Launch InstallFree for every workspace session
Add an external task to PowerLaunch to launch %appdata%ifbridge.exe at logon.
Step 5: Import InstallFree applications
You can import InstallFree applications from the RES Workspace Manager Management Console by using the Import Wizard. Browse to V:UsersAll UsersStart Menu and pick out the apps you need.
Access control should be set in InstallFree to everyone, as RES Workspace Manager will be dealing with the access control. This is the same bag as we had to deal with in the SoftGrid days, where we put the SoftGrid server’s provider pipeline in anonymous authentication mode. We want basically the backend component to behave pasively and deliver the apps without question.
File types should be managed by RES Workspace Manager.
Credits go to Sylvester de Koster at CDG who worked persistently with the nice folks over at RES to find a solution to this.

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