RG031 – How to register for a portal account.

By Max Ranzau


At RES Software you have access to some of the best online resources available, to ensure your day-to-day work with your RES products go as smooth as possible. Today there are two portals:

The Partner portal mainly deals with colateral and other stuff available for partner marketing/event purposes. If you have signed on as a RES partner, your credentials for the partner portal will be the same as for the support portal. There is a intro video to the partner portal available here. If you are new to the RES community, you are likely to start out with the Support Portal. This two-part article covers how to gain access to the portal and what you can do there.

  • You can download a fully functional copy of any RES product on the evaluation page of the Corp Website. Without any licenses installed, the software will run without any nag screens or other disruptions for two months / 60 days, for you to evaluate it. It is important to note that you do not get a login to the portals just by downloading an eval. This is because this is a service offered to paying SA customers and partners only. For evaluation of the software by it self, login credentials are however not necessary: Many of the resources provided on the support portal are actually freely available, without the need to log in. Go have a look at the download section of the support portal here. Items marked with a green arrow () can be downloaded straight away without credentials. Items marked with a padlock () are restricted and requires you to sign in with a portal account. Note: once you’re signed in, the icons in the browsing tree will change: Free items will have the document icon (), where as restricted items are marked with a star ().
  • You can sign up for a portal account, but only if you have received and activated a license pack. License activation is covered in detail in Technote RG030. Temporary access to the portal can under special circumstances be granted without license actviation. This is however something that is agreed upon with the channel manager for your area, so if you’re preparing a pilot, PoC, or just want to find out if RES technology is right for you, make sure you let RES know about it on the download form or contact RES Software beforehand.
  • Another scenario may be that someone else at your company, who is a portal admin, may have created an account for you. If that is the case you don’t have to worry about registering a licennse and all that. Proceed directly to the login screen section in this article, and proceed from there.

Part I – Signing up for the first time:

  • In order to proceed, you need a Site ID which has been activated. This may sound a bit cryptic, but it’s really easy. If you take a look at the license node in your console you’ll see the site license at the top. If it isn’t marked as registered it’s because you haven’t registered the license below yet. See the beforementioned article RG030 for more info.
  • The Site ID is in the format RES-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN. To begin, browse to the support portal and click on the register link in the upper right hand corner. This will prompt you to enter the site license above, together with a captcha phrase. TIP: If you don’t fancy having to type in the long Site ID number, create an instant report of the license tab and copy the license number from the resulting PDF.
  • Now you must create the credentials for your portal account. The username will be your email address, and you will chose a password. Note: When you initially register a Site ID for a given customer/partner, the first user you create, becomes the portal admin for that organization. NOTE: If this role is relevant for you, please read further ahead as this affects what email address you should register on this scren. You can select what to be notified of, via email. I would highly recommend selecting both software releases and Knowledgebase articles. The KB article update digest doesn’t come more than once a week but usually contains really good stuff; howto’s etc.
  • Once you hit the Register Company button, an email will be sent to the address you provided. Note this can take up to 15 minutes. This email contains verification of your account details, and your password in clear text, so please store it in a safe place. The email also contains an activation code at the bottom, which you will need in the next step. Here on the right is an example how the email will look:
  • If you still have your browser open, just copy the activation code to your clipboard. Switch back to the portal and re-enter your email address, then paste in the activation code. If you need to resume later, go to support.ressoftware.com and click on the Activate link in the upper right hand corner.
  • Once the email address and the correct one-time activation code has been entered, you will be asked to re-enter your password. You can verify the correct company name here also. Click the Activate Reservation button to continue.
  • You will now be able to log into your support portal. This is the same screen you will meet every time you click on the Log in link from now on. You will find the link in the upper right hand corner. I would recommend you to bookmark the Log in link now.

Part II – What’s on the Support Portal

In this section we will have a look at what you can do on the RES Support portal once you’ve logged in. The portal is structured into 6 sections in the top menu; Home, Library, Downloads, Support, Remote Assistance and Express edition. In addition to these you have some options in the upper right hand corner to manage your own accout profile and create new users, provided that you are a Portal Admin. We will look closer at this option at the end of the article.

  • The Home section will give you some basic information about the SA program and a couple of useful links. Other than that there is nothing for you to actually do there.
  • In the Library, you can search the entire RES Solutions Knowledge base. The search field in the upper right corner will accept multiple verbs and process them with a logical AND, meaing if you for example search for howto mapi, all articles containing both words will be returned. Note: Current the search engine does not support quotation marks for explicit phrase searches. If you don’t know exactly what you want to search for, try browsing the Library’s tree on the left hand side. Here you can dive into all the howto’s, solutions, admin guides, messages, etc. At time of writing there’s over 1.500 articles for you to explore in the database.
  • Downloads resembles the Library in structure, except here you will have access to all the product goodies. Note that additional Early Adopter items such as tech previews and release candidates will only show up here if you are an EAP member. When you click on an item to download, the date and version number of the item will be shown on the left hand side.
  • The Support section of the portal offers several options. Here you can create support tickets and follow their progress. It is also possible to submit feature requests via this section. Finally, you are also able upgrade legacy PowerFuse series 8 license numbers and download a fresh Workspace Manager 201x license instead. We will take a closer look at the support and feature request options further ahead.
  • Lets take a look at the support options first. Here you can creat a new support ticket if you have a problem or a question related to our products. Support kindly asks that you fill in as accuratly as possible information about what product, release, version, datastore, and related components you are using on what OS. On the second screen you may be able to choose site. This is necessary if multiple Site ID’s are registered to one company. Second please specify if it’s a question or it’s a problem. Pick a good title for your ticket as an accurate title may help the support engineer cue you in on a solution quicker. Try to avoid titles like “Help!”, “Powerfuse problem” etc. Be descriptive s’il vous plait! :-)
  • As mentioned you can also submit feature requests through the portal. While it’s not something you can do today, in the future you may be able to track submitted requests through the portal. When submitting a feature request, be sure to specify for what version of what product this is relevant. Also please describe as accurate as possible what you are trying to do, where you’re running into a wall, what change you would suggest to accomodate your need, etc. Finally make sure you specify what priority this has for you. Please dont’ mark all feature requests as ‘Show stopper’ as that would be like crying wolf. On the right is a sample feature request to give you an idea how to word a feature request. The bitmap is quite large, when you click on it, scroll down to view it entirely.
  • The portal offers you the ability to request Remote Assistance from RES Support. The way it works is that you’re on a phonecall with one of the RES support engineers. The engineer will generate a number and read it to you. You have to enter the number into your browser, before the remote control can be initiated. This is a security handshake to ensure only authorized access is granted to your session. The whole thing is encrypted end-to-end by 256 or 128 bit SSL. If for security reasons it’s necessary to provide an audit trail of what happened during the Remote Assistance Session, the support engineer has the ability to record the session.
  • There is also an Express Edition link on the portal. This section is for users of the free Workspace Manager Express. The reason there is a seperate section, is that since the product is free, there is no SA to pay. That in turn means that support tickets on the Express version are charged per incident. Contact your local RES representative for information on Express edition support incident pricing.
  • The last section we need to cover on the portal is the User Management. If you are a portal admin, you have the ability to create additional users within your organization. If you are a customer or a partner, this may be relevant for additional colleagues to be able to access portal resources. Important: The portal admin can only create new users within the same email domain as him/herself. In other words if you are portal admin jdoe@company.com you can only create other users with the @company.com mail suffix. If you need to have added an account in another email domain to your portal, you will have to contact RES Support.

Armed with the knowledge in this article, it is my hope that you will benefit from the services offered from the RES Support Portal.

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