RG04E – Getting rid of a Win7 Explorer problem

By Max Ranzau

From the Hexbags and Spells Dept. One really annoying explorer behavior which seems to recently have been making its rounds on Win7 x64, is an error which typically appears when you either drag and drop move things around in desktop folders or just create a folder somewhere using explorer. It typically looks something like this

Here’s the errorcode for the search engines to index: “Could not find this item” (new line) “This is no longer located in <path>. Verify the item’s location and try again. There’s two buttons for Try Again and Cancel.

Allegedly this behavior seems to come as a result of installing the April 2012 KB980408 “stability fix”. The weird thing about that was that I DID NOT have this update installed, and when trying to do so manually I was told it wasn’t applicable for my computer (and yes, I did indeed download the Win7 x64, thank you very much :)

Googeling Grumpy Globally around for a while, I found what looked like a solution on Overclocked.net (kudos and credits to Mr. ‘Hellgates’. whoever you are) I tested the solution out to my satisfaction. It’s not very elaborate changes required, just a few explorer registry SID keys under HKLM\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderDescriptions which needs to be killed, followed by a logoff or restart.

Implementing this in RES Automation manager, the lesson for today is that you can use it not only to set registry values, but also clean out existing ones as well. You do this in AM by creating a registry task and build the given tree that represents the keys/values you want to delete. On the offending keys, chose “Toggle remove this key and subkeys“. This results in a red blip on the key-folder icon, indicating it will be hosed when the module is scheduled. Below is a quick and dirty buildingblock for Automation Manager, which may solve the above problem across multiple machines for you as well.

Note: This module has a condition to only execute on Win7 x64 computers. If executed it will reboot target computers.

Click here to download:




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