RG04F – Migrating PowerFuse 7.x to WM

By Max Ranzau

warning, yellowNote: per Workspace Manager 2012, this article somewhat is obsolete, as Workspace Manager 2012 SR2 includes a wizard to import an old PowerFuse 2012 database directly, which has been migrated to a SQL DBMS. However, read on as there may be reason to acquaint yourself with the previous method as well.

The video available below shows you how to do the in-product migration. While the video itself is great, consider however turning down the volume – unless you’re a 70’s prØn music fan ;)

The method above is pretty much a one-shot deal, upgrading an obsolete RES environment to current product stock. However, if you are the kind of guy who prefers to wear both belt AND suspenders when doing a major upgrade of your production system, the old and longer method below may still be warranted, since it allows you to build a new environment in parallel based on the old one, effectively allowing you to take a step back at any point in the process.

So, let’s have a look at the old method. Back in the day around 2008, I created this presentation describing in detail how to migrate a legacy PowerFuse 7.x installation to PowerFuse 2008 or higher. This presentation goes through everything, even how new WorkSpaces should be created for hybrid environments with both laptops, workstations and terminalservers. Note, check out the speaker notes, as there are a ton of details in there.


Tpf2008ugradehe presentation was originally based on a 7.03 to PF2008 migration, but is still perfectly valid for a migration directly to newer versions of the Workspace Manager. The dialog boxes may have changed a bit since PowerFuse 2008, but the procedure is the same.

Note: Be sure to read the speaker notes in the presentation, as they contain all the commentary necessary to understand and/or present the migration procedure.

Download the presentation here: Icon, RarFile

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