RG010 – Automation Manager EasterEggs

By Max Ranzau


Once in a while you come across an Easter Egg in software which is really fun to use. This is also the case with RES Automation Manager. Hidden in the console of RES Automation Manager, you have two clandestine tasks at your disposal, respectively for playing audio on the target machine and opening/closing the CD tray. These have been around at least since series 4. While there may be a 101 good uses for these tasks, there is obviously a wide margin for mischief also ;-)

Btw, these tasks are most likely not supported by RES.

When you edit a module and you’re ready to add tasks, you would normally just click the Add button. To enable the EasterEgg, hold down the left set of CTRL+SHIFT while clicking the Add button. In the list of available tasks, now scroll down the list to the Advanced section:

Scr, Wisdom hidden tasks

The CD Tray tasks will do as it says. The tasks configuration options look like this:

Scr, Wisdom Open-Close

Of course it goes without saying, that closing the tray will depend on the capabilites of the actual hardware in the target machine. Anyway, this is potentially the tool for a superior prank :)


Besides the CDrom drive control, the other hidden Automation Manager task will let you play audio on the target computer. It will even allow you to crank up the volume by modifying the volume control:

Scr, Wisdom, Play audio

The file is just another ressource. Automation Manager supports playing .WAV and .MP3 files this way. When added as a ressource, Automation Manager wil automatically download and play them for you. Imagine 300 machines in an office going “Whohoo, I’m watching **** over here!!” Now imagine yourself at the unemployment office… Have fun, but behave! :-)

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