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You have reached the home of the RESguru Consulting Services Blog. This is a technical blog dedicated to the products of RES Software, namely Workspace Manager, Automation Manager, VDX and The IT Store. Although this blog has been been around since late 2008,  I eventually figured out it would make  sense to write a short intro to our new visitors :-).  The old hands who have frequented the site over the years know where to go, so the following  intro is for you, our new prospective patrons.

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RES Software used to say: We make Desktops Dynamic. Right, so what did that really mean? While the slogan may be obsolete today, it basically means RES ensures that all the configuration, security, performance, documentation and stuff is taken care of, without having to rely on scripting and policies. While other vendors focus their efforts on giving you the best operating system, virtualization or delivery systems, RES Software strives to manage the actual deliverable; the desktop as easily and efficiently as possible. There is a primer article here, which will give you a good introduction to what dynamic desktops are and how you set them up with the RES products.

If you are new to Workspace Management, Run Book Automation, Service Orchestration, or Reverse Seamless Windows – or you want to learn more, this site is definitely for you.

For those of you wondering; is this site an official RES resource? The answer is NO. This is just another fine site for mind-sharing and experience exchange. I originally created it to avoid having to answer the same questions time and time again. Anything you find and use from here is your own responsibility. Please refer to the M.O.A.D.

With that aside, let me give you a quick tour around the block. At the top, you may already have noticed a menu of sorts, that look like this. Below it is a more detailed overview on what you will find in these areas.

  • The Technote library, is the central repository for for reference articles, howto’s and all sorts of useful bits of information I’ve collected from various sources. Each article is numbered and briefly outlined in the tech note library.
  • In the Video Vault you will find pretty much every RES related video ever made available. The videos are sorted into 4 categories: Technical Presentations (mostly from tradeshows and such), Tutorials (shows you how to do certain things),  Commercial videos (a bit more high level, not necessarily tech stuff) and finally the Legacy video section which may be obsolete in terms , although the capabilities may still be relevant.
  • BB’s for WM is an abbreviation for BuildingBlocks for Workspace Manager. Buildingblocks are pre-built configuration pieces which you can import into Workspace Manager to make it do certain things. Examples are preconfigured settings and applications. The building-blocks found in this section have been created by yours truly and other community guru’s.
  • BB’s for AM is short for BuildingBlocks for Automation Manager. These buildingblocks will show you working examples on how to configure machine specific options, install software and do lot’s of other cool things. Note that these downloads may be somewhat larger than the Workspace Manager counterpart as they may contain binaries.
  • I originally created the RESpedia as a one-stop reference to all the RES related buzzwords and jargon flying around, when you hang out with Workspace Geeks like yours truly :) In this cross-linked reference, you will find explanations of everything from Alligators to Zones. Note, where ever you see a link in italics, it is a link to the corresponding RESpedia entry.
  • The Forums button is a direct link over to the RESug Forums. The RES UserGroup is a great place to ask questions, share ideas and experiences with your peers.
  • Finally, in the Writers section, you will find introductions and bio’s on the contributing authors that provide content to this blog.

Below this article you will find other shorter postings. The aim of these postings is to follow current events in the RESverse, of a technical nature. These postings go back to early 2009, so there are plenty of them to read.  Just hit the << Older link at the bottom of each page.

I hope you will find this site as interesting as it is fun for me to write. Go dig around the site.

Thanks for your interest,

Max Ranzau